My year round minimal wardrobe

Hello 😊 I am here to write about my minimal wardrobe. This will also help me to see how many items do I have in my closet. My favorite clothing item are those that I can wear in every season πŸ™‚βœ¨

Shoes – 5 pairs

Outer Wear – 7 pieces

I easily get cold so I always have an outer wear to keep me warm except when its really hot during summer.

Dress – 5 pieces

Sweater – 4 pieces

Cozy and warm sweaters during cold month

My favorite sweater from Everlane!

Pants – 4 pieces

Skirt – 4 pieces

Blouses – 8 pieces

Tee Shirts – 8 pieces

TOTAL: I have 45 pieces of clothes for my year round wardrobe 😊

I realize that I don’t need to buy a new clothes because I have everything I need. Instead of thinking what I need to add in my wardrobe, it will be better for me to save the money instead of buying a new clothes.

Having clothes that I’m comfortable to wear and sparks joy every time I wear them means the wardrobe that I have is enough and I need to feel contented.

Cheers to a minimalist wardrobe πŸ₯‚

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