#letseat Taiyaki and Green Tea Bingsoo

Location: Snowy Village, New Westminster

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️

Ambience: 5/5

A good friend invited me to meet up. I’ve never been to Snowy Village and its a popular cafe so I suggested if we can meet there.

The green tea bingsoo is just wow. It’s literally like a smooth snowflakes that melts in your mouth. And the flavour is just yum! I will go back to try the other flavours!

I’m so happy about the Taiyaki!!! Look at the yummy fishy! 😋 Oh my, I like the red bean flavour.


It is a wonderful meet up with a good person and a friend. She have this huge passion about the love of God and it inspires me a lot. In this world, most of the time you will feel down and it feels like life doesn’t matter at all. Our talk with each other reminds me that there is more to life.

It is a wonderful life indeed. Fighting! ✨

Claim your miracle today ❤️

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