Learning French with Duolingo

Bonjour tout le monde! I’m here to write about my experience in learning french with Duolingo App

I’ve been using this App for quite some time now, at first I am not really serious or dedicated to use it everyday. When I moved from the Philippines to Canada I decided to really improve my french. I know some basic french words before I decided to use the App but what I dont know is how can I construct a sentence or any french grammar knowledge.

So here are the 5 things that I’ve learn from the cute little green owl who never gets tired of reminding me to practice my French 😊


I learn more than a hundred of french vocabulary from Duolingo, which is very important to construct a sentence.

During the lesson it will build your french words thru matching or translating of word from english to french or french to english


Yes, you will speak french by repeating the french phrase that you will hear. I am still not confident enough to carry a pure french conversation but its very important to practice speaking once in while


I cannot carry a conversation but I confidently know now on how to express my wants and need, like as simple as ordering in a restaurant or asking for direction when the time comes for me to visit France or Quebec

Before I just memorize the phrase that I need but when you study more about the language it will make you understand on how to express yourself not memorize

I can even understand some of the conversation of the people who speak french, not all but I can atleast grasp the meaning of the conversation which is a good sign that I’m learning


It is so tricky, the spelling. Before I am complaining about why the spelling is so different when you read it,  but now I learn that its part of the beauty of the language and you just have to embrace it.

There are a lot of rules in french spelling and I still have a long way to go but I’m just happy that I can spell a lot of french word correctly now by the help of this App


I am so happy to finish my french tree!!! Youpi!!! At the beginning I have a lot of incorrect answers and it took me so long to finish my three lessons everyday and then as you keep on using the App and keep on learning everyday you just get the use of it and can finish three lessons in five minutes

But this is not the end of all the learning, I know that I still have to practice more, study more and even travel more so I can be fluent in French

Thank you Duolingo for developing this App. Santè 🥂


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