My baby step to a green living journey #lowwaste

Hello tout le monde! I’ve been watching a lot of Zero Waste videos on Youtube and I am so inspired to go zero I mean low waste in helping our lovable and beautiful planet earth. The only thing that I usually do to help save the environment is by bringing my eco bag, bringing my water container and avoiding styro plates but I’ve never been so dedicated just like Trash is for Tossers and Zero Waste Home, wow they are so inspiring so I’m going to do my best to be part of the green living.


How do I start?

Humans like convenience, everything is instant and easy without thinking if it is harmful for others. We like a lot of stuff without thinking if we really needs it.

This is what I realize when I’m thinking how to start my green living journey. So what step did I do? 


Because buying in thrift stores saves us money and we are avoiding the clothes to go to waste. 


I am not talented as others in looking for a good stuff in Thrift Store. I try to look for the clothes that I can use for winter but I fail… Good thing is I found out that in Thrift Store there are a lot of good books!!!! I bought one about flower arranging so from now on I will be buying books in Thrift Store 😊

What about my problem with clothes?

Since Thrift Store doesn’t really match my way of fashion and its really hard for me to choose there,  I decided to follow the rules in Konmari method. I will only buy the clothes that Sparks Joy and the one that I really need. I need to make sure that I can always use it. If I can still use my clothes and it is still in good condition I’m not going to buy a new one. In that way I am saving some money too and I don’t consume too much clothes. 


I don’t own a lot of make up. What I have in my make up purse are

BB Cream/ Eyeliner/ Lipstick/ Liptint/ Concealer/ Lipbalm/ Press powder/ Eyebrow powder

But do I really need all of this?

And the answer is NO

Do I need make up? 


It enhances my self confidence because it cover up some of the imperfections but I really don’t need most of it

I will let go of the make up that doesn’t Sparks Joy

What I have now in my purse?


And I will stick to that four make up for now


This is the hardest for me since I’m a fan of Korean Facial Care (which uses 10 products!) I really like taking care of my skin but a decision needs to be made, so from 10 products I have now 3 products for my skin


Because I have an oily T zone a mix of baking soda and some coconut oil will surely save the day (I will use this twice or thrice a month) Too much baking soda can damage your skin.

Plus making my own facial mask using fruits will be a fun activity

I just realize that facial masks is bad for the environment, I can’t imagine how many tons of facial masks goes to garbage every year (poor Mother Earth 😢) I’m sorry for not realizing this earlier


It’s so sad to see how many waste us humans produces everyday, its so heartbreaking for the environment and I feel guilty about it

I will say no to plastic

As a simple start I will always make sure to bring my container for hot and cold drink, eco bag, portable eating utensil and my small food container


This is the small step that I will take to a low waste life style. My loving Mother Earth I’m sorry for all the things that I did in not taking care of you but now I will try my best to protect you in this little things that I do, Saranghae ❤️


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