Whistler, BC in a budget 

Whistler is a town surrounded by the beautiful mountain views  in the northen part of British Columbia. If you plan to go to BC, visiting Whistler is always a good idea.

You can truly enjoy the place while saving some of your money too (you work hard for it right?). Here are some of the things that you can do so you can have a budget friendly trip 😊

1. Book your hotel in advance and look out for promos

2. Stroll around the village

I am sooo bad when it comes to direction but the map that they have was so easy to read. Its an achievement for me to roam around the village using a map, yey! There are so many good stores, so make sure to stick to your must buy list.

3. Ice cream day!

My favorite activity!!!

4. Go for a hike

Its so refreshing to wake up early in the morning and go for a hike. The Valley Trail is near the village, and you really don’t have to worry if its your first time to hike because it is just an easy trail. I took some pictures but its more beautiful when you see it with your own eyes. Don’t forget to pack your exercise clothes 😊

5. Audain Art Museum

One of the reason why I want to go back to Whistler.

For other fun activities like the Peak to Peak, look out for promos too in advance. And when its time for you to go home you can even stop by in Porteau Cove for a swim,  just to breath some fresh air or say a little prayer and thank God for the wonderful world we have.

Claim your miracle today ❤️


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