Life Lesson – Cinderella

Even miracles take a little time -Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

Disney’s Cinderella is very close to my heart since I was young, and now as an adult I realize that we can learn a lot of life’s lesson in this magical fairy-tale.


KINDNESS – when Cinderella became an orphan she lost her family, status and wealth. After that her stepmother and stepsisters treats her so bad, they are so mean to her. Cinderella chose to be kind and thoughtful even to the people who don’t deserve it. And then there was this scene when Cinderella was crying in despair because her gown was torn apart and she loses her hope to attend the ball, suddenly an old lady (which is the fairy-godmother) appears in front of her and asking for something to drink, Cinderella wipes her tears, stand up and then gets a milk for the poor old lady. She still chose to be kind during her lowest point in life. Seriously its so hard to do that, being kind when you are in despair but isn’t it what Christ taught us about, being kind to others.

FAITH – Cinderella’s situation is so gloomy and full of emotional storm. But deep down her heart she truly believes that everything will be okay. She continue to be a good person, always look at the bright side and never give up

HOPE – i like this word that I recently learn in french class “Il y a encore un faible espoir” there is still a small hope. Cinderella continue to serve her stepmother and stepsister without complain, she works hard and go on with her everyday life because she is holding on in this small hope in her.

DREAM“No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep believing, your dream will do come true” -Cinderella.

Jesus teaches us that whatever we ask for in prayer, we just have to believe and it will do come true. Nothing is impossible with God. He will grant us the desires of our heart.

LOVE – when the Prince discover that Cinderella was not a princess, he still accepts her and choose to see her kind soul. Loving someone is accepting each others flaw. To be seen as we truly are.

COURAGE – in spite of bad treatment, being tired from working, loneliness and despair she never gave up and that is courage.


Have courage and be kind.

Claim your miracle today. #healing

*Photos and gif from Google

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