Island Tides – Poetry Institute of Canada

Island Tides – Poetry Institute of Canada. Turn to page 100 to see my poem 😉

I got my copy of the 2017 anthology from Poetry Institute of Canada 🙂 I’m so happy to see my poem inside the book (so kilig!!) This is my first time to join a writing contest and be able to published my poem. I’m a type of person who writes, read it on my own and just keep it, not allowing anyone to see. I’m scared that other will make fun of my work and it will hurt my feeling. I  write poems because this is my way of expressing myself and every poem that I have is special and I don’t want people to make fun of that. But as I read the Island Tide book and saw the world thru the other poets/writers’ eyes, I feel so connected with them. I feel their heartbeat, their feeling, its all inside those poems that they wrote. I see a different world.

And now I’m not so scared to share my writing anymore. Being part of the Island Tides anthology inspire me to be confident in what I do. Because maybe, the words that I have in my poem can connect to someone’s heart too.


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