The Feast Talk; Love Heals

The Feast is one of the happiest place on earth ๐Ÿ™‚ its a gathering of wonderful people, talking and listening about the word of God. The founder of The Feast is Bro. Bo Sanchez (a very well known Preacher from the Philippines).

This week the talk is about Healing. In life, there will be a lot of hardship and difficulties and most of the time it will leave you wounded. That’s why we need healing, so you can stand up again and be a blessing to everyone.

The greatest healer of all is Love, because Love will let you bounce back in life. And the three other things that you need for you to heal is;


When you hug someone or someone gives you a warm hug, it gives you strength. We need strength to go on during gloomy days of our lives.


It’s okay to cry, because tears cleans the pain of the spirit. And when your heart is tired, tears is the sweat of the heart.


Your scars will heal others, because you’ve been there and you know how it feels. In your scars is a ministry waiting to be born.

Repair your relationship with God, with yourself, with others and let love flow.


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