My Top 5 Favorite French Movies

If you are learning French, watching french movies will surely help you develop in listening the language and its a fun activity too with the popcorn of course 😉


Amélie (2001)

Amelie is a story of a simple girl who works in a restaurant in Paris. One day she decided to help the people around her with her own small deeds of kindness, along the way she discover herself and even her fear — that’s my favorite part in the movie, Amelie facing her fear, moving on from her sad childhood and decided to grasp happiness too for herself, and then she finds love.


Les Choristes (2004)

Pierre stays in a boarding school for young delinquents children. He feels like he is a nobody, he only brings trouble and he feels like there is no one to turn to who cares. And then a music teacher arrived. The teacher believe in them, that they have something good to show to the world. They form a group of choir and enhanced the talent of the children thru singing (Wow Pierre’s voice sounds like an angel). The movie shows the importance of compassion and care to the those who needs it the most. Kindness can really goes a long way in a life of a person.


Paris, Je t’aime (2006)

I usually watch this movie whenever I feel down. It’s consists of 18 short film and it makes me believe in the beauty of life again. Difficulties is just there but the important thing is we have the people that we love by our side, yes love, this movie makes me believe in the beauty of love too. There is a touch of sadness too, but it will leave you appreciating the small wonderful things in life. A feel good movie to lift up your gloomy day.


Les Emotifs Anonymes (2010)

J’adore le chocolat! The man and the woman in the film shares the same passion with chocolates and its no wonder that despite their own personal/self issue they fell in love. I really love it when people faces their fear (maybe because that’s what I wanted to do too). I like the ‘J’ai confiance en moi’ song of Angelique in the movie.


Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément! (2015)

I watched this movie without subtitle and base in my small knowledge in French, I am sure I do understand what is happening in the story 😉 Its a movie about a man who lives like a hermit , very workaholic and hate noises. And then he met his new neighbor who is a pianist. They have different personality but then they started to like each other, though they decided to love each other from afar (like a long distance relationship). I like the representation of the wall, the characters hide behind their own walls and scared to show who they really are. Because its easier to love from a distance but relationship requires facing difficulties together. But in the end they had the courage to break down those walls and face their fears (geez I really like films about facing fear don’t I? Have courage dear me!)

Watching these movies help me in improving my french 🙂


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