Life Lesson – Cinderella

Even miracles take a little time -Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

Disney’s Cinderella is very close to my heart since I was young, and now as an adult I realize that we can learn a lot of life’s lesson in this magical fairy-tale.


KINDNESS – when Cinderella became an orphan she lost her family, status and wealth. After that her stepmother and stepsisters treats her so bad, they are so mean to her. Cinderella chose to be kind and thoughtful even to the people who don’t deserve it. And then there was this scene when Cinderella was crying in despair because her gown was torn apart and she loses her hope to attend the ball, suddenly an old lady (which is the fairy-godmother) appears in front of her and asking for something to drink, Cinderella wipes her tears, stand up and then gets a milk for the poor old lady. She still chose to be kind during her lowest point in life. Seriously its so hard to do that, being kind when you are in despair but isn’t it what Christ taught us about, being kind to others.

FAITH – Cinderella’s situation is so gloomy and full of emotional storm. But deep down her heart she truly believes that everything will be okay. She continue to be a good person, always look at the bright side and never give up

HOPE – i like this word that I recently learn in french class “Il y a encore un faible espoir” there is still a small hope. Cinderella continue to serve her stepmother and stepsister without complain, she works hard and go on with her everyday life because she is holding on in this small hope in her.

DREAM“No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep believing, your dream will do come true” -Cinderella.

Jesus teaches us that whatever we ask for in prayer, we just have to believe and it will do come true. Nothing is impossible with God. He will grant us the desires of our heart.

LOVE – when the Prince discover that Cinderella was not a princess, he still accepts her and choose to see her kind soul. Loving someone is accepting each others flaw. To be seen as we truly are.

COURAGE – in spite of bad treatment, being tired from working, loneliness and despair she never gave up and that is courage.


Have courage and be kind.

Claim your miracle today. #healing

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Island Tides – Poetry Institute of Canada


Island Tides – Poetry Institute of Canada. Turn to page 100 to see my poem 😉

I got my copy of the 2017 anthology from Poetry Institute of Canada 🙂 I’m so happy to see my poem inside the book (so kilig!!) This is my first time to join a writing contest and be able to published my poem. I’m a type of person who writes, read it on my own and just keep it, not allowing anyone to see. I’m scared that other will make fun of my work and it will hurt my feeling. I  write poems because this is my way of expressing myself and every poem that I have is special and I don’t want people to make fun of that. But as I read the Island Tide book and saw the world thru the other poets/writers’ eyes, I feel so connected with them. I feel their heartbeat, their feeling, its all inside those poems that they wrote. I see a different world.

And now I’m not so scared to share my writing anymore. Being part of the Island Tides anthology inspire me to be confident in what I do. Because maybe, the words that I have in my poem can connect to someone’s heart too.

Journey On – Elms District

You’ve only got one more river to cross

One more storm to go through

You’ve only got one more journey to walk

And know the water’s wide

You’ve only got one more mountain to climb

And one more hand to reach for

You’ve only got one more journey to walk

And you’re on the other side


And valley’s deep or mountain’s peaks

I wont lose my way

And hills are steep and I am weak

I’ll journey on

I’m not gonna lose my way

The Feast Talk; Love Heals

The Feast is one of the happiest place on earth 🙂 its a gathering of wonderful people, talking and listening about the word of God. The founder of The Feast is Bro. Bo Sanchez (a very well known Preacher from the Philippines).

This week the talk is about Healing. In life, there will be a lot of hardship and difficulties and most of the time it will leave you wounded. That’s why we need healing, so you can stand up again and be a blessing to everyone.

The greatest healer of all is Love, because Love will let you bounce back in life. And the three other things that you need for you to heal is;


When you hug someone or someone gives you a warm hug, it gives you strength. We need strength to go on during gloomy days of our lives.


It’s okay to cry, because tears cleans the pain of the spirit. And when your heart is tired, tears is the sweat of the heart.


Your scars will heal others, because you’ve been there and you know how it feels. In your scars is a ministry waiting to be born.

Repair your relationship with God, with yourself, with others and let love flow.

My Top 5 Favorite French Movies

If you are learning French, watching french movies will surely help you develop in listening the language and its a fun activity too with the popcorn of course 😉


Amélie (2001)

Amelie is a story of a simple girl who works in a restaurant in Paris. One day she decided to help the people around her with her own small deeds of kindness, along the way she discover herself and even her fear — that’s my favorite part in the movie, Amelie facing her fear, moving on from her sad childhood and decided to grasp happiness too for herself, and then she finds love.


Les Choristes (2004)

Pierre stays in a boarding school for young delinquents children. He feels like he is a nobody, he only brings trouble and he feels like there is no one to turn to who cares. And then a music teacher arrived. The teacher believe in them, that they have something good to show to the world. They form a group of choir and enhanced the talent of the children thru singing (Wow Pierre’s voice sounds like an angel). The movie shows the importance of compassion and care to the those who needs it the most. Kindness can really goes a long way in a life of a person.


Paris, Je t’aime (2006)

I usually watch this movie whenever I feel down. It’s consists of 18 short film and it makes me believe in the beauty of life again. Difficulties is just there but the important thing is we have the people that we love by our side, yes love, this movie makes me believe in the beauty of love too. There is a touch of sadness too, but it will leave you appreciating the small wonderful things in life. A feel good movie to lift up your gloomy day.


Les Emotifs Anonymes (2010)

J’adore le chocolat! The man and the woman in the film shares the same passion with chocolates and its no wonder that despite their own personal/self issue they fell in love. I really love it when people faces their fear (maybe because that’s what I wanted to do too). I like the ‘J’ai confiance en moi’ song of Angelique in the movie.


Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément! (2015)

I watched this movie without subtitle and base in my small knowledge in French, I am sure I do understand what is happening in the story 😉 Its a movie about a man who lives like a hermit , very workaholic and hate noises. And then he met his new neighbor who is a pianist. They have different personality but then they started to like each other, though they decided to love each other from afar (like a long distance relationship). I like the representation of the wall, the characters hide behind their own walls and scared to show who they really are. Because its easier to love from a distance but relationship requires facing difficulties together. But in the end they had the courage to break down those walls and face their fears (geez I really like films about facing fear don’t I? Have courage dear me!)

Watching these movies help me in improving my french 🙂



In the rain

There is that magical moment

when this wonderful rain

came into my heart

It showers me with

so much love

so much color

in my life


I know it could never be today

but my heart says that there

is still someday

when this wonderful rain

will come again into my life

showering us with

so much love

with so much color

just me and you

in this life

-Divina Gracia